The Gospel According to Indiana Jones



Is religion a good thing or not? It’s a tough call… How about government, fire or water? They’re all good until they get out of control.

When the Roman Empire collapsed in the 4th century, many celebrated the destruction of the “Death Star” that controlled western civilization, but the chaos that ensued may have been worse. The only social structure left was the Roman Church. It brought some security that the masses needed during the Dark Ages. It was a good thing.

How did the Church become so corrupt after that time? Unfortunately, men, religious or otherwise, are ultimately driven by wealth and power. Take a lesson from Christopher Columbus…

On Columbus’ fourth trip to the new world, the voyage got becalmed at sea. When they finally made landfall in Jamaica, the crew was almost thirsted and starved to death. Being awed by Columbus and his ship, the Jamaicans lavished the crew with food and provisions. But after a few months, they got tired of supporting the crew, so they cut off the supplies.

Columbus had been reading an Almanac and learned that there was to be a lunar eclipse that week. He told the Jamaicans his god was angry they cut off the supplies and was going to turn the moon red to show his outrage. After the red moon “came to pass,” the Jamaicans gave the sailors all the provisions they wanted.

Religions are a blessing at conception, but enigmas when they convince the masses to fear their god and to comply with the priests whom hold sway with that god. This was how Columbus got control of the Jamaicans and their food… Nothing motivates the masses like the fear of god.

As I keep reminding you, Thomas Jefferson said, “The church perverted the purest religion ever preached (by Christ) by terrifying for the purpose of gaining wealth and control.” And sure enough…the Roman Catholic Church became the wealthiest and most powerful institution for a thousand years.

“Seemingly there are two forms of Christianity. One that the historical Christ is said to have taught (love and forgiveness) and one that the Church teaches (guilt, shame and blame)…” 325 AD marked the end of Jewish Christianity and the beginning of Roman Christianity. Understand… These were two separate and unrelated religions.

Indiana Jones was on a quest for the Holy Grail. Unfortunately when he found it, he had been captured by a Nazi platoon determined to deliver it to the Fuhrer. The problem for the group was that there were 30 chalices on a table and choosing the wrong one was a deadly mistake. The Nazi leader chose the most ornate, bejeweled goblet. “Truly a chalice worthy of a god.” When he drank from it, he crumbled into dust. The undying Grail Knight said, “He chose… poorly.” Indy selected a craggy wooden cup. He poured the water over his dying dad’s bullet wound, which was instantly healed. The old knight said, “He chose… wisely.”

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)

Christianity is dying because we’ve been choosing the wrong chalice. We need to seek the wooden Grail… We forget that the message of Christ was the simplest of all. He stood on the Mount… asking us us to deny religion because it taught us to fear God… So for 300 years Christianity was just a religion of brotherly love. The brimstone threat came much later with the second Christianity… “Roman” Christianity… with its Roman bible urging us to fear god and our Day of Judgment.

Jesus only asked us to know that God loves us all and that He wanted us to be compassionate and help those less fortunate than ourselves. This was the original Jewish Christianity of Jesus Christ. Choose wisely.

Kindness of Jesus

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Why Do We Fear Death?


My dad was a conservative physician, a lay reader in the Episcopal Church and as honest as Abe. He never exaggerated a thing in his life. But after open heart surgery told me he had a Near Death Experience.  He was very different.  I was shocked when he said, “death has nothing to do with religion…it’s just about love and none of us has anything to worry about when we die.” He said it was serenity and bliss beyond description.

I realized, that’s what Christ told us!

Christ said God was a god of love and forgiveness, and that He only asked that we love and help those less fortunate than ourselves. Original Jewish Christianity was just that simple for 300 years! That’s not what it is now…

Thomas Jefferson said, “The church perverted to purest religion ever preached by terrifying the masses for the purpose of gaining wealth and control.” The Romans changed the religion with their brimstone tradition when they commandeered it in 325 AD.

Joseph Ratzinger (pope) quit his first seminary, because they conceded “there were two separate and opposing Christianities in the second century. The first was the Jewish Christianity of Jesus and the second was the gentile ‘Roman Christianity’ of Paul. They noted that Paul was indifferent to the teaching of Christ and the opponent of the religion of love Christ came to announce to the world.” Catholic Encyclopedia


Christianity evolved into a religion that taught us to fear God and our day of judgment. “All must come before the judgment seat of Christ.” We’ve always been taught to fear death. That’s wrong… That was not the teaching of Christ… That was the teaching of Paul and the Romans.

We’re going to have a hard time understanding that Christ’s message was so simple… Most of us won’t get it till we die… God is only love, so death is nothing to fear… We’ll just fall into His bliss and serenity! Millions have already experienced this modern revelation. There’s a tsunami of Near Death Experience confirmation from people all around us swept from the brink of death by defibrillation resuscitation everyday. They’re learning that death is nothing to fear.

Retrain yourself to live without fearing death! Enjoy your life to the last day…and just be compassionate to those who are less fortunate.

Truly, Brad O’Donnell

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More Meaningful Comfort for the Bereaved

New Spirituality 


Dear William,

I’m sorry you had to endure the tragic loss of your grandfather… But It’s something we all have to suffer through in this life…a sad reality of this existence. But there’s better news going around now!

I want you to consider there has been radical, positive change in the world view of death since 1975. You know that for 1700 years, the social view of death has been our dead end on earth…with the soul facing the scary judgment scenario and commitment to heaven or hell. But since Raymond Moody discovered the “Near Death Experience,” most people believe that we all enter a serene and blissful light with departed friends and RELATIVES! (grandfathers, too!) welcoming us, and helping us to the loving light. Forget the church’s macabre threat of brimstone and hell. Turns out, it was just Roman pagan transfer into Christianity 300 years after Christ died… It was never the teaching of Christ!

Why do we believe this? Because now we have far more than a simple leap of faith…There’s significant, emerging medical evidence indicating life after death via defibrillation technology. Millions have been defibed…swept from temporary death, witnessing that life does not end here…that death is just a door that opens to life beyond. Medicine is now compiling case studies of patients who’ve been miraculously resuscitated after being dead for even 2 or 3 hours! These people (corpes) drift to relatives’ homes and accurately tell what they are doing or having for dinner. It’s like Scrooge did in “The Christmas Carol.” Doctors are now respecting and verifying their accounts… They’re correlating testimonies of things happening that a dead person just couldn’t possibly know!

You really should read all five articles in this blog… which should open your eyes to growing evidence that you’ll see your loving grandfather again! I know you miss him, but don’t mourn for him…he’s in a timeless, blissful place. We have to live here harnessed to clocks. When you see him again, he’ll only think he missed you for a few minutes. He’ll be glad to see you again, and excited to show you a realm of bliss beyond your wildest dreams.

Primitive religions, such as our Roman Christianity believe they infallibly knew everything 1700 years ago, and they convinced the world to believe it… but they’ve been wrong about death! We know much more now, and it’s not the scary, dead end they lead us to believe. Trust me… read all five articles, especially the last on “medical evidence” and I believe you’ll start to feel better about this life and our bright world to come.

Yours very truly… Brad O’Donnell




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