A Message From Christ You Never Got



Christians go to church, read the bible, but mistakenly believe this religion was founded by Jesus Christ. Our church religion is called “Roman” Christianity” because it has to be distinguished from the original “Jewish” Christianity Jesus founded 300 years before Roman Christianity was created by the Romans. These two religions are theologically unrelated.

This is why anthropologists say modern Christians wouldn’t recognize original Christianity. Roman Christianity was founded by Paul, but as the Catholic Encyclopedia acknowledges, “Paul was indifferent to the earthly life and teaching of Jesus Christ.”

Christ had no idea his faith would ever be separated from Judaism or that the Romans would take it over and merge his message with their pagan religion.

If you’re a Christian, wouldn’t you want to know what the original religion of Jesus Christ was?

His faith was so simple, we hardly can recognize it as organized religion today. His commandments were simply that “God is love” and that we “should love and help those who are less fortunate than ourselves.” So for 300 years, Christianity was just a religion of brotherhood and charity. Followers fed the poor and nursed the sick. In our culture it’s difficult to believe the facts about Jewish Christianity when Christ was not the “son of god,” was not virgin born, that there was no Dec. 25th or Easter crucifixion/resurrection, no judgment, Satan or brimstone hell. Just the same, this was all pagan religion added to the faith by the Romans 300 years after Christ. The truth is Christ never had anything to do with all this dogma that we believe as central to our “Roman” Church Christianity today.

The Jewish Encyclopedia says original Christianity had 15 bishops, remained a sect of Judaism, obeyed Jewish law and that Christ remained loyal to Judaism until he died. ”Roman Christianity” was founded by Paul, but was radically altered by Emperor Constantine and his Nicene Council in the 4th century. That was when Roman Christianity was defined, established and consummated. But there’s a fundamental dichotomy between the two Christianities because according to the Catholic Encyclopedia, “Paul was indifferent to the teaching of Christ and the opponent of the religion of love Christ came to announce to the world.”

325 AD was the threshold date between Jewish and Roman Christianities. Historians agree that this date marks the demarcation between the two faiths since before that date, Christianity was a pacifist, oppressed religion, but afterward became the oppressor… oppressive because it condemned all other religions as abominable heresy, forced conversions, inflicted inquisitions of torture, crusader conquest and endless religious wars for Roman Church domination. There simply couldn’t be a more stark contrast than between the two “Christianities.” As we know, the Romans burnt, crucified or threw all Jewish Christians to the lions for 300 years. And untold millions, like Joan of Arc were later burnt alive for another 1000 years as “heretics.” The greatest hypocrisy is that after Rome destroyed Jewish Christianity, they claimed Christ founded “Roman Christianity.”  

History tells that Emperor Constantine converted himself and his Roman empire to Christianity in 325 AD and had the church leaders “standardize the dogma and theology.” It’s an expeditious account, but a gross misrepresentation of the facts. The truth is they rubber stamped “Christianity” on their pagan religion that had nothing to do with the teaching of Christ. As evidenced by his statues and monuments, Constantine remained as loyal to his beloved paganism, as Christ did to Judaism.

Constantine’s pagan Mithraism and empire were dying, so he theatrically converted to end chaotic pagan infighting by developing a new, “Christian” state religion. Much of the emperor’s pagan religion was transferred into what became “Roman Christianity.”

Thirty years after Christ, Paul, a Roman orthodox Jew who persecuted and executed Jewish Christians was “thunder struck” on the road to Damascus to become a Christian himself, but by changing it to the context of his orthodox “wrathful god” Judaism. Thus, he established the “justification of faith,” or judgment foundation of Roman Christianity. That became the brimstone motivational “rock upon which the ‘Roman Church’ was built.” Paul “converted,” but his brimstone theology was utterly opposed to the religion of love Christ came to announce to the world.

According to the Jewish Encyclopedia, “Pauline Christianity greatly aided in the Romanizing of the Church. Emperor Constantine completed what Paul had begun—a world hostile to the faith in which Jesus had lived and died.”

The Roman bishops were challenged to create a new religion that included their preferences while respecting the demands of their tyrannical pagan emperor. Touchy, because some voting prelates were assassinated for disagreeing with Constantine. Standardizing the religion was paramount, because there had been no agreement among the churches as to whether or not Christ was just a prophet or the son of god, if he was born of virgin birth, if there was to be a trinity, if they should borrow the Dec. 25 sun god birthday and Easter fertility rites for the resurrection, and if they would adopt Paul’s justification of faith theology with its judgment, Satan/hell scenario.

Ministers preach that Christianity is 2000 years old, but seminary trained clergy know that Christ was not worshipped as the “son of god” the first 300 years. Was that really the same religion? The Nicene Creed summarized the transformed religion according to the Council and they proceeded to publish the bible accordingly.

Early empires and religions typically controlled the masses with an effective culture of fear…The Romans published the bible to reinforce and codify that Roman culture in the religion…

Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.” Matthew 10:34

I have come to cast fire upon the earth; and how I wish it were already kindled! Luke 12:49

“All must come before the judgment seat of Christ.” Corinthians 5:10

Thomas Jefferson said, “The church perverted the purest religion ever preached (by Christ) terrifing the masses for the purpose of gaining wealth and control…” and that “Paul was the first corrupter of the teaching of Christ.” Lincoln agreed saying, “It was inconceivable that a god of love could commit his own children to eternal hell, as the Christians would say.”

How could any of this be “the religion of love Christ came to announce to the world?”

Seemingly there are two forms of Christianity. One that the historical Christ is said to have taught (love and forgiveness) and one that the Church teaches (guilt, shame and blame)…Roman Christianity has taught that hope and solace are only possible through the redemption from sin by the vicarious sacrificial death of Jesus Christ, for all those who acknowledge His teaching, but it is precisely this form of the doctrine of salvation that rests almost exclusively on the work of Paul, and was never taught by Jesus. (On Guilt, Shame and Blame in Christianity, by the White Robed Monks of Saint Benedict, Catholic)

Jewish Christianity was simply a religion professing that God was unconditional love and that we should love and help those less fortunate than ourselves. Accordingly, early Christians simply lived lives helping the poor and sick, without fearing death because they utterly believed their “god of love” would be waiting with open arms at the end.

Tertullian, a second century historian, said the first 200 years was the most loving era of Christianity. The Romans marveled that Jewish Christians didn’t fear their executions. When Constantine became Emperor of Rome, he nominally became a Christian…but being a sagacious politician, he sought to blend pagan practices with ‘Christian’ beliefs, to merge paganism with the Roman Church. Roman Christianity was the last great creation of the ancient pagan world.” (www.hope-of-israel.org/cmas1.htm)

A vignette of Christ’s religion of love…

A Love Without Conditions”

At no other time in the history of Christianity did love so characterize the entire church as it did in the first three centuries… Tertullian wrote that the Romans would exclaim, ‘See how they love one another!’

Clement, describing the Christians said…‘He impoverishes himself out of love, so that he is certain he may never overlook a brother in need, especially if he knows he can bear poverty better than his brother.’

When a devastating plague swept across the ancient world in the third century … pagans were throwing infected family members into the streets… to protect themselves… while the Christians cared for the sick, at the risk of contracting the plague themselves.”(www.earlychurch.com/unconditio…

This was all that Christianity was. It’s all that Christ intended it to be. Early Christians didn’t risk their lives out of brimstone fear. They were convinced if they gave love, they’d receive love in return. There was no judgment, Satan, hell, “son of god” theology, virgin birth, Easter fertility or Dec. 25 sun god birthday in original Christianity. None of this was the teaching of Christ. Truly, the Jewish Christianity of Jesus was only about love, compassion, charity and brotherhood…Simpler than we can understand…nothing more, nothing less. 

Very truly, Brad O’Donnell


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Fear Death? Stop It! The Church Trained Us for Ulterior Motives…


My dad was a conservative physician, a lay reader in the Episcopal Church, a bible expert and honest as Abe. He never exaggerated a thing in his life. But after open heart surgery, told me he had a Near Death Experience. He was different. I was shocked when he said, “death has nothing to do with religion…it’s only about love and none of us has anything to worry about when we die.” He said it was bliss and serenity beyond description.

This statement was light years out of Dad’s cosmos. Understand, this is a radical departure from all religious history. Religion has always taught us to fear god and death via judgment and condemnation. Bishop John Spong concedes, “The church has always been in the guilt producing, control business and dangled us between their imaginary heaven and hell as a control tactic.”

Young adults see it, and are over being controlled by the church. New to mankind is this belief we’ll enter a blissful light with relatives and friends helping us. Remarkably, the new “Going into the Light” paradigm has abruptly replaced 1700 years of the church’s judgment scenario.

We don’t seem to grasp the earth shattering significance of this societal shift that’s suddenly occurred in our short lifetime. Now most believe they’ll just pass into a loving light when they die. People know the church is dying, but haven’t correlated its decline with the rise of NDE acceptance. According to Barna research, only 3% of young adults now believe in Satan, judgment or Christianity. If they don’t believe in judgment and Satan, the church says they’re not Christians.

The Southern Baptist Convention is keenly aware of the threat… In the wake of churches and Christian universities reveling in the popular surge of NDE heavenly experiences and “Heaven is For Real” best selling books, the SBC abruptly forbade any Baptist participation, declaring it in direct conflict with scripture and Christianity…that it’s “unrelated spirituality.” And rightfully so… they have their reason to forbid the NDE phenomenon. If everyone just passes into bliss and serenity, nobody’s going to need the church to save them from their biblical fear of judgment and Satan.

And yet, for Christians, the NDE blissful death revelation actually agrees with the teaching of Christ.

His two commandments were that, “God is a god of love, and that we should love and help those less fortunate than ourselves.” Accordingly, original Jewish Christianity was only about love and brotherhood. Original Christianity had no fear of judgment, Satan or hell for 300 years. Roman centurions were stunned that Christians were “oddly” calm when executed. If we believe his simple message that God is love, like Jewish Christians, we wouldn’t be afraid of death either. Judgment, Satan and brimstone were actually pagan religion added to the faith by the Romans 300 years after Christ! Judgment and brimstone were Paul’s contribution long after Christ died.

Thomas Jefferson said, “The church perverted the purest religion ever preached by terrifying the masses for the purpose of gaining wealth and control.” The Romans changed the religion with their Hades threat and codified that revision in their Roman published bible as a control tactic.

Joseph Ratzinger (pope) quit his first seminary, because they conceded “there were two separate and opposing Christianities in the second century. The first was the forbidden Jewish Christianity of Jesus and the second was the gentile ‘Roman Christianity’ of Paul. They noted that Paul was indifferent to the teaching of Christ and the opponent of the religion of love Christ came to announce to the world.” (Catholic Encyclopedia) The greatest paradox may be that Christianity is the largest religion due to its brimstone threat, when Christ never uttered a word about it. That’s why Jefferson said, “Paul was the first corrupter of the teaching of Christ.”

Christianity evolved into a religion that taught us to fear God and Judgment Day. “All must come before the judgment seat of Christ.” (Corinthians) They changed Christ to being the pagan god model of wrath and vengeance to keep the citizens controlled with fear. The church knows fear is the greatest motivator and has prospered utilizing this culture of fear… They used it to motivate the masses to buy enough indulgences to build the world’s largest cathedral, St. Peter’s Basilica. Martin Luther was so repulsed, he risked being burnt, protesting that evil practice.

This wasn’t the teaching of Christ… Fear is the opposite of love. Fear was the message of Paul and the Romans. The Jewish Christianity of Christ was the opposite of the Roman Christianity of Paul.

It’s hard to believe that Christ’s message was so simple… It’s sad most won’t understand until they die… God is only love, so death is nothing to worry about. Early Christians couldn’t read or write, but they got it. We’re educated, but we don’t have a clue… so we live our lives worried about dying!

Millions have already experienced this modern revelation since Raymond Moody discovered the Near Death Experience in 1975. Now there’s a tsunami of NDE confirmation from people all around us… swept from the brink of death by defib resuscitation everyday. Ask them…they’ll say it was bliss and serenity… and they’ll never fear dying again.

Google their feed back…it’s endless. You can free yourself by finding and learning from people who’ve had Near Death Experiences. Just do it! Anything you can do to get rid of fear will improve the quality of your life.

Of course, the Southern Baptist Convention condemns this emerging spiritual perspective. This is why Parade Magazine says 24% have left church and are moving toward the new “Spiritualism” in America. (10/4/09)

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Confused on What the “New Spiritualism” Is??? Here It Is!

Parade Magazine says 24% have left church for Spiritualism. The Church community criticizes that it’s not real religion. Leading Christian apologists, like Ravi Zacharias, agree saying Spiritualism is “gelatinous ideology lacking necessary theological elements.”

Churches are desperate. The run-off is unprecedented and certainly due to the fact that only 3% of young adults believe in Satan, judgment or Christianity. (Barna Group)

According to Parade, “What Americans are doing today is separating spirituality from religion, with many people disavowing organized practice altogether. In fact, 24% put themselves into a whole new category, ‘spiritual, but not religious.” (10/4/09 Issue)

Churches don’t need to debunk Spirituality as non-religious, because Spirituality isn’t religion. That criticism doesn’t bother Spiritualists, because Parade said these people no longer want anything to do with organized religion.

So what is the “New Spiritualism” and why is it becoming mainstream?

In America, most Spiritualists are disenchanted Christians. Early American Deists were a close parallel.

Most of the signers were Deists who rejected the church for its cruelty and oppression in Europe. Jefferson and Payne said the church “terrified the masses for the purpose of gaining wealth and control.” Jefferson said, “Revelations had to be written by a mad man.” Lincoln didn’t believe in Satan. He “could not conceive that a god of love could create the circumstances for which he would have to condemn his children to eternal hell, as the Christians would say…”

Bishop John Spong says, “the church has always been in the guilt producing, control business, and dangled us between their imaginary heaven and hell as a control tactic.”

Spiritualists are over it. Like our forefathers, they want to be free to contemplate their spiritual cosmos’ undirected and unintimidated by the church. Theologians are right that Spiritualism has no structure.  The theology of each Spiritualist is as unique as a snowflake… varied by the uniqueness of his or her life experience.  Spiritualists respect other Spiritualists, but aren’t driven to amass in a community of others with uniform dogma.

Another major reason for the shift from church to Spiritualism is the contemporary revelation of the Near Death Experience. Since it’s discovery by Dr. Raymond Moody in 1975, most Americans have abandoned the church’s heaven/hell judgment scenario. Now most believe they’ll enter a bright light with relatives and friends, being enveloped by bliss and serenity. This universal bliss is a problem for the church. The Southern Baptist Convention formally condemned the NDE as non-Christian Spiritualism since it conflicts with biblical justification. Roman Christianity can’t sustain itself without the fear of judgment and eternal punishment.  This will be an endless crisis for the church.

Being “spiritual” and being “religious” are polar opposites. As the Spiritualist’s life experiences accumulate, his perception of his cosmos evolves. Much like Buddhists seeking enlightenment, Spiritualists are on a trek to find their place in their cosmos. Anything goes, as long as it’s positive and respectful of others’ diverse beliefs. Spiritualists believe that no one is wrong…that we’re all just at different places along the path. They strive to be tolerant of other religions.

Christian Spiritualists tend to base their cosmos simply on Christ’s message, “God is love, and he asks that we love and help one another.” What he taught while He was alive. They then go on to build a personal Christian theology around that base from their own life experience.  The Roman Christian dogma of 325 AD…the Nicene Creed, the Roman bible… Virgin birth, son of god theology, judgment, Satan, salvation, Easter fertility, eggs/bunnies, Dec. 25 birthday of sun-god/solstice/Yuletide, etc. are all optional for Spiritualists to accept or reject as they believe.

Church Christians’ cosmos is based on Roman Christian theology focused on Christ’s death and its implications for salvation. They’re intolerant of all other religions and on an endless crusade to convert all non-Christians to “save” them from their “false” religions. Many have left the church because this attitude has instigated more war, desolation and suffering than any other. The church-goer’s cosmos conforms while the Spiritualist’s cosmos transforms.

Religion is belief in someone else’s experience. Spirituality is having your own experience.” Deepak Chopra

Brad O’Donnell, author “Where to Now Saint Paul?” 
video: Leaving the Catholic Church

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Recent Medical Evidence of Life After Death


Ramifications of recent medical evidence of life after death…

There’s no question that religion was created out of a psychological need to justify our existence in an intimidatingly infinite universe. Christianity definitely got out of control… as Jefferson said, “the church perverted the purest religion ever preached for the purpose of gaining wealth and power.” But now medical science is documenting new evidence that there is life after death…which will bring about a third cosmos alternative to the endless bifurcated struggle between religion and science.

You have to concede there are many occurrences that can’t be explained by either religion or science. Just watch a few episodes of “Long Island Medium.” There are many like her. She can tell you things about your deceased parents, friends and relatives that no one could know but you. Police departments have documented evidence of mediums submitting evidence about cold murder cases that no one on earth could know…”Maria’s body is buried in her boy friend’s car 46 miles west of Phoenix, 81 feet off highway 66 by a Yucca plant.”

Now watch this YouTube on the new “post death experience” phenomenon. Google: “Look at profound evidence.” (long video*… jump ahead to 23:00 to the “post death experience” segment.)

Near Death Experiences (Raymond Moody, 1975) did not prove life after death because frontal lobe stimulation could simulate the experience. But recently “post death experiences” have proved life after death. “Post death experiences” are reported in patients who’ve been miraculously resuscitated after being clinically dead for 1,2 or even 3 hours!

These “corpses” have gone hours without heart or brainwave function. They are absolutely dead, but after unexplainable resuscitations, doctors are witnessing, respecting and documenting these patients’ accurate accounts of things that happened during their “brain dead” hours in the ER and morgue. After hours of being brain dead, patients are describing what their family was preparing for dinner 20 miles from the hospital, or one described a blue tennis shoe on the roof of the hospital with a scuff on the little toe area… or a brother in law in the waiting room saying, “If Jane’s going to die, I wish she’d do it, because I’ve got a meeting in two hours.” Doctors recorded after she was revived, that she confronted her brother in law about the statement.  He turned white!  For the first time, doctors are respecting, correlating, verifying and documenting these occurrences. 

Remember the medical axiom: With no live heart pumping oxygenated blood to the body and a brainwave flat line, the body can have no life function at all… no more than a side of beef on a butcher’s block!

That said, hours after absolute death, doctors are verifying that these patients were fully cognizant of verbatim conversations and activities of the doctors, nurses and even family members in and outside the hospital. It’s like the angry Scrooge seeing his valuables being sold across town after he died. Consistent with NDE’s, patients still say it’s serene and blissful, and they’ll never fear dying again. The church disdains the universal serenity feedback because it’s bad for their salvation business.

Notably, many of the ER doctors witnessing “post death experiences” have been atheists whom now concede that life absolutely goes on after death. These scientific atheists are accepting the irrefutable evidence that patients experience life hours after they are physically dead…

If there is scientific documentation of life experience hours after total cardio and brain cessation, then we have evidence of some kind of personal experience beyond physical life. i.e., Now there’s evidence of some kind of surviving essence that is more than our physical bodies. If our souls continue, then there would have to be a creator of our soul and of some dimension we transcend to.

Many atheists rail at this new information…even get vile and profane. Psychology notes that angry responses usually suggest insecurity in one’s position.  Perhaps they’re right that this medical observation is not absolute fact.  They criticize theists for believing in god without proof.  But conversely, atheists only “believe” there’s no god without proof.  At the end of the day, we all just believe what we want to believe.  My case is that this new medical documentation of life after clinical death is more substantive than the atheist’s “belief” that there’s no god.  So what do you believe?

Every person is as unique as a snowflake.  We’re all precious in that sense.  It’s not a reason to mindlessly believe that we have immortal souls, but medicine is now getting significant indications that we do continue to exist…It’s certainly worth keeping an open mind as doctors do more case studies on patients defibrillated back after death.

Most people will reject this development from sheer overload, because we weren’t programmed to think on this dimension. It’s something we never thought we could know… But with the miracle of modern medicine, suddenly, we just do.

Plato said, “For those who see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture, they’ll never be understood, let alone believed by the masses.” Breathe… Don’t recoil. Learn more about it, then try to be honest and objective. And please, don’t say this is a “bio-chemical, nervous reaction!” These life after death testimonies by resuscitated patients are far too specific and empirically correlated now to be written off as hallucination.

Brad O’Donnell, author “Where to Now Saint Paul?” 
video: Leaving the Catholic Church


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